Highlights of Classical Numismatic Gallery Auction

18 Dec 2018  Tue

Classical Numismatic Gallery commenced an auction on 14th December 2018 in Coinex Pune 2018. This lot consist some of this most alluring specimen from Indian coinage age and foreign coins. The most fascinating Specimen of this lot is the half tanka issued by the Rajas of Arakan and Governor of Chittagong in the name of Hilal or Saleem Shah. This square shaped coin went for INR 2, 20,000.

The second specimen sold for INR 90,000 is gold dinar of the King Huvishka from the Kushan Empire. The gold dinar of Kumar Gupta also went for the fascinating price of INR 55,000 and gold Kahvanu of Rajendra Chola I went for INR 70,000.

In silver, silver Tanka of the Bengal Sultanate, Ghiyath al-Din Bahadur Shah issued jointly with Muhammad bin Tughlaq, Sultan of Dehli went for INR 81,000.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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