Copper paisa of Udaya Singh of Pratabgarh Princely state

18 Dec 2018  Tue

Partabgarh or Pratabgarh Princely State was situated in the south of Rajputana. In 1425, the state was established as Kanthal state and later was renamed after its capital city Pratapgarh.

The rulers of Partabgarh are considered to be a Sisodia Rajputs who migrated here from Mewar in the year 1553 CE. Founder of Partabgarh was Pratab Singh.

Udaya Singh ruled the Princely State of Pratabgarh from 1864 to 1890 AD. During the reign, he issued silver and copper coins in the round and square shape. These coins were struck at Devagadh mint in the denomination of Nazarana Rupee, Rupee, and Paisa. His all coins inscribed with Devanagari and Persian legend and represent various symbols such as the ornate face of God Mahadev (Shiva) or Rayed oval face of sun god Surya.

Represented here is a Copper Paisa issued during his reign. The obverse of this showed the rayed oval face of sun god Surya while the reverse of a coin depicts the legend ‘Riyasat Pratapgarh’.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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