Mauritania’s New 1000 Ouguiya Polymer Note

18 Dec 2018  Tue

On 4th December, It was officially announced that the Central Bank of Mauritania is going to issue new 1000 Ouguiya banknote printed on Guardian™ polymer substrate. 24 countries are currently using this substrate to produce 78 denominations globally. The new substrate will make the notes safer and more durable. The new polymer 1000 Ouguiya is smaller than the earlier paper version to improve ease of use and convenience. Like all other notes in the country’s new series, the latest 1000 Ouguiya note has a length of 142mm and a width of 70mm. Cultural patterns and blue-green colour of the new notes remain unchanged. The artistic patterns and text elements have been retained as well. Arabic text is featured on the obverse while French text is featured on the reverse.

The transparent window features several elements which can be viewed from both sides of the note. Some parts of the window are completely transparent. The AURORA™ feature is incorporated at the top of this window. It consists of three panels which change colour upon tilting the note. The colour of left side panel changes from gold to green; the centre panel’s colour changes from gold to magenta; and the right side panel changes from blue to green. An embossed transparent number “1000” in Arabic text is depicted at the lower end of the window. The window’s right side has a metallic silver pattern. The METALIX™ feature changes the bright, silver colour to a flat silver colour upon tilting the note.

Two Shadow Images can be seen on both sides of the note when it’s held against a light source. The denomination “1000” can be seen at the top right of the window on the obverse. A portrait of an old man is featured on the right side of the window. Touch™ feature consists of four symbols of three raised dots each, representing the denomination “1000” for the visually-impaired people. An intaglio printing process creates raised ink patterns on important motifs and the edges on both sides. The unique serial number appears on the obverse side horizontally in the top left corner and vertically along the right edge.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Mauritania

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