Gibraltar's Future Depicting Stamps

18 Dec 2018  Tue

On 28th January 2000, Gibraltar issued a set of four stamps under the series entitled 'Stampin the future'.

On the occasion of the beginning of the New Year and the new century, the Gibraltar Post held a competition for school children Children were invited all over the world to design stamps depicting postal services in the future.

The award-winning paintings were made into stamps. Set of stamps designed by school children entitled 'Stampin the future'. Stamps were issued with four different denominations depicting the paintings which are:

30 pence stamp depicts "People traveling with Environment-friendly Jet-packs" drawn and painted by Colin Grech.
The 42 pence stamp features a painting of Kim Bares which shows a robot as a postman delivering mail.
Similarly, the 54 pence stamp shows earth and mars and solar system and an astronaut delivering mail to and fro the planets via space-shuttle. This stamp was a work of art of Stephen Williamson-Fa.
The highest denominated stamp of 66 pence shows a modern city of high towers and a flying car used to deliver mail. This imagination came from Michael Podesta.

With such competition, Gibraltar Post definitely made little children think which led to the churning of their brains and helped them to improve their imagination as well as the analytical side of the brain.

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