Ghana's Independence Commemoration Stamps

17 Dec 2018  Mon

Ghana's independence commemoration stamps are the first set of stamps issued after the country became independent. The stamps were also the first philatelic issue of independent Ghana.

Located in West Africa, Ghana was a former British Colony which gained independence in March 1957 and began to issue its own postal stamps. The first set after the independence is comprised of four commemorative stamps with different denominations, different colours but single theme.

Issued with the denominations of 2 British West African penny, 2 ½ British West African penny, 4 British West African penny, and 1.3 British West African shilling, the stamps depict the map of Africa Continent with the location of Ghana highlighted in it and the national Bird Palm-nut Vulture flying over it.

On the top right corner, the stamp depicts a portrait of Kwame Nkrumah – the national hero in an oval vignette. The stamp is inscribed with “GHANA INDEPENDENCE COMMEMORATION 6th MARCH 1957 at the bottom.

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