Gujarat Sultanate Ahmad Shah III’s Gold Tanka

14 Dec 2018  Fri

The Sultanate of Gujarat was a late medieval kingdom established during the early 15th Century. It was established by Zafar Khan (son of Sadharan, a Tanka Rajput) in the year 1396. He was appointed as a Governor of Gujarat by Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Bin Tughluq IV in the year 1391 AD.

Ghiyath ud Din Ahmed Shah III was born as Ahmad Khan. He was the Sultan of Muzaffarid dynasty who ruled over the Gujarat Sultanate, in the late medieval period during 1553 CE till 1560 CE. The Muzaffarid dynasty refers to the people who had ruled Gujarat between 1391 CE to 1583 CE. They were also referred to as Ahmadabad Dynasty. The founder of this dynasty was Zafar Khan; who was the governor of Gujarat under Delhi Sultanate.

This rare gold tanka was issued by Ghiyath ud din Ahmed Shah III during the Hijri year 965. The weight of this coin is around 11.9g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al-Mutasim Billah Al-Rahman Ghiyath Al-Dunya Wa Al-Din Abul Muhamid’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Ahmad Shah Bin Mahmud Shah Al-Sultan Umr’. This rare gold mohur is listed for INR 55,000 in the upcoming auction of Todywalla which will be held in Pune on 16th December 2018.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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