Bottlenose Dolphins on Bullion Australian Coins

13 Dec 2018  Thu

APMEX released the first coin of a new bullion series for Royal Australian Mint featuring a bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin represents happiness, power and protection according to different traditions around the world. Bottlenose dolphins are extremely intelligent and appear to be smiling all the time. The coin is going to be the first internationally distributed Silver bullion coin for the mint.

Available in two versions, the .999 fine Silver coin has a mintage limit of 25,000 pieces while the .9999 fine Gold coin has a mintage limit of 250 pieces. They are shipped by MintDirect® Single packaging and graded by PCGS. The coins are expected to be sold out quickly!

A school of bottlenose dolphins is considerably large and they live in warm oceans. Experts believe that dolphins know mimicry and artificial language as well. They can categorise objects and recognise themselves. They can also use tools such as marine sponges to look for food. They transfer cultural knowledge to the next generation and were used by militaries to locate sea mines or enemy divers. They also sometimes drive fishes into nets of local fishermen. People hunt dolphins for food, and they are a bycatch of tuna fishing. They get caught in crab traps as well. A dolphin named Tuffy was trained by US Navy to dive 300 meters deep into the water which is the deepest recorded dive for a dolphin. The body to brain size ratio is considerably high in the case of dolphins, and they are second in line after human beings. That’s the reason why they are highly intelligent.

Image Courtesy: APMEX

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