Stamps Honouring Greenlandic Music-2

13 Dec 2018  Thu

Greenland Post issued the second and the final part of the series “Music in Greenland” on 23rd November 2018 a year later the first issued depicting the early forms of music prevailed in the country. This part focuses on the Greenlandic music from 1950’s.

The first stamp is 3 Danish krone denominated stamp that is devoted to the first pop music and to Laarseeraw Svendsen in particular. This singer became immensely popular in Greenland. He is shown on the first stamp by pen drawing, based on the image from the album cover, with musical notes creating the background image.

The second stamp is worth 10 Danish krone and it is dedicated to Vaigat Music. It is the most popular music style of the 1960’s. The stamp is dedicated to the First Synthesized Music in Greenland.

The journey of this series ends at the stamp with the denomination of 25.50 Danish krone. The stamp is dedicated to the first ever Greenlandic LP produced by the group Sume (where). This was the first rock music of the country performed by a group of young Greenlandic students living in Copenhagen.

These series of stamps truly justify the words of Greenlandic drummer Hans Rosenberg - “Greenland's musical character has been described as "definitely a rock country, both musically and literally".

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