Iceland’s Christmas Stamps Smell like Fresh Gingerbread

12 Dec 2018  Wed

Iceland Post released two special Christmas stamps on 1st November which not only feature cookies but also smell like fresh Gingerbread. People in Iceland enjoy baking Gingerbreads at home before Christmas. They bake gingerbreads in different shapes and decorate them with coloured frosting as well.

The non-denominated stamps pay Christmas rates for mail weighing 50 grams. Both the stamps also feature the text “Jol”, which means “Christmas” in English.

The domestic mail stamp features a cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree, decorated with red and green frosting. The stamp for mail to Europe features a cookie that looks like a snowflake. The stamps were designed by Elsa Nielsen while they were printed in panes of 10 by Cartor Security Printing.

Image Courtesy: Iceland Post

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