Set of 4 Bahamas Stamps Dedicated to the Christmas Carol, Silent Night

10 Dec 2018  Mon

Bahamas released a special set of four Christmas Stamps on 29th November featuring the lyrics of the world’s most popular carol, Silent Night. Each stamp mentions two or three words from the first lines of the Carol.

The 15¢ stamp depicts the Bethel Baptist church which was established in 1790. It is the country’s oldest Baptist church. The stamp also features the first two words of the carol “Silent Night”. The original wooden structure of the church has been modified many times since it was established.

The 25¢ stamp features the St. Agnes Anglican Church in Grants Town, along with the next two words of the carol, “Holy Night”. The 50¢ depicts the Church of God Cathedral in Nassau under a half moon, along with the next three words of the carol, “All is Calm”. A full moon is featured on the other three stamps. Finally, the 65¢ stamp depicts the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church along the next three words of the carol, “All Is Bright”.

A company named Bee Design designed the stamps while they were printed using lithography in sheets of 20 by Lowe-Martin.

Image Courtesy: Bahamas Post

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