Five hundred Kip of Laos

07 Dec 2018  Fri

In 1988 five hundred Kip of Laos was issued by issued by the Bank of Laos, it is printed in dark brown, purple, and deep blue ink on multicolored underprint.

The obverse of this note illustrates legend is printed in Lao script seen on the top center panel. The scene of the grain Modern irrigation system is seen in the center-left with Laos’s coat of arms above it with the serial number and date seen in the bottom left. The denomination in Loa numerals is printed on both sides within the traditional floral and ornamental designs.

The reverse of this note depicts a legend is printed in Lao script, it is seen on the top panel with the denomination in numeral on both sides. The picture of harvesting coffee beans in the center with the denomination in Laos’s script is seen below it within the thick traditional intrinsic design. It watermark depicts the design stars, hammer, and sickle.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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