Silver Sasnu of Muhammad Yusuf Shah

07 Dec 2018  Fri

The coins of the Kashmir sultanate were unlike any other coins of the Indian Sultanates. Silver sasnus and bronze kaserahs were overvalued in Kashmir - it is said that 1.5 sasnu's (about 9.3 grams silver content) went to a rupee (about 11.5 grams of silver content). Bronze coinage was similarly overvalued. The coins did not see wide circulation and were not often hoarded. This is the reason why the coins of Kashmir are almost never found outside of its boundaries and are all scarce.

Muhammad Yusuf Shah was the Sultan of Kashmir. During the reign, he issued gold, silver and copper coins from Kashmir mint. The denominations are Mohur, Sasnu, and Kaserah.

Represent above is silver Sasnu which issued in Yusuf Shah’s reign. The obverse a coin depicts the Persian legend ‘Nasir al-din Muhammad Yusuf Badshah Gazi’ while the reverse depicts the mint name and date ‘Zarb Kashmir Sanah 987’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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