First Definitive Series of Independent French Polynesia

05 Dec 2018  Wed

First postage stamps by French Polynesia were issued after the freedom from French rule on 3rd November 2018. These stamps feature glimpses of people of French Polynesia and their life.

Formerly known as the French Oceania, French Polynesia was an important French colony in the n the South Pacific Ocean. The first postage stamps used in French Polynesia were the general stamps of the French Colonies from 1862. In November 1958, after the independence, French Polynesia issued First Stamps as an independent nation.

On 3rd November 2018 a set of 9 stamps were issued with three main designs and different denominations. The stamps feature the theme in the centre with the name of the country at the top or the bottom and the value in the top left corner.

The stamps with the denominations of 0.10 francs, 0.25 francs, 1 franc and 2 francs depict a Polynesian woman in the traditional attire playing a guitar.
The stamps worth 4 francs, 7 francs and 9 francs feature Tahitian man wearing a traditional headdress and costume.
Lastly the 10 francs and 20 francs stamps show a Tahitian girl with girl with shells on a beach. The girl is a clam digger which is a traditional profession of French Polynesia.

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