Native Women on the Stamps of French Indo-China

04 Dec 2018  Tue

The Indo Chinese stamps issued in 1907 by the Poste France feature native women of the Indo Chinese countries.

French Indo-China refers to the colonies of France in Asia. France issued a great number of stamps in the colonies which have a separate collectors’ group among the philatelists. For almost 60 years Poste France issued stamps for the Indo China.

The postage stamps of French Indochina begin on May 16, 1886, with the overprinting on the generic stamps of the French Colonies. In 1892 the first five regular stamps of Indochina were issued as part of the standard Navigation and Commerce and inscribed INDO-CHINE. In the year 1907 an attractive and artistic set featuring native women. A set of five stamps were issued which feature native women from different countries.

The 75 French centime stamp feature a woman from Cambodia in a modeling pose facing back on the background of a dense forest of the country.
The 1Franc stamp depicts an Annamite woman along with a child. On the background of a coconut tree and a traditional house can be seen.
The 2 Franc stamp shows the Muong woman standing in the banana plantation. Muong is an ethnic group native to Vietnam.
The 5 Franc stamp features the housewife of Laos draped in traditional costume.
The highest denominated stamp of 10 Franc shows a woman from Tonkin collecting coconuts. Tonkin is a part of Northern Vietnam

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