Copper Paisa of Dhar State

04 Dec 2018  Tue

Dhar princely state was a part of Bhopal Agency under British rule. The kings of Dhar state belonged to the Paramara clan of Rajputs. They initially ruled the Malwa region from 9th to the 11th century and then were defeated by the Muhammadans. Some kings migrated to the Deccan and the region became a part of the Mughal Empire in 1560. Marathas plundered some parts of Dhar state in 1690.

Anand Rao ruled the Dhar state from 1860 to 1898 AD. During the reign, he issued gold, silver, and copper coins in the denomination of Paisa, Pice, and Annas. These coins bear the bust of Queen Victoria or Hanuman.

The above-shown copper Paisa is attributed to the reign of Anand Rao III. The obverse of a coin depicts the hanuman with a banner running left while reverse inscribed with Nagari legend ‘Dhar’ and date.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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