New Romanian Currency Celebrates 100 Years of Great Union

04 Dec 2018  Tue

Romania is going to issue a lei 100 commemorative collector banknote to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Union which took place on 1st December 1918. 10,000 such banknotes were put into circulation.

The reverse side of the banknote depicts the Royal Parade approaching Bucharest on 1st December 1918. The design also features a portion of King Ferdinand I’s club. Four women are dressed in traditional attire from four different provinces of Romania namely, Bessarabia, Romania, Transylvania and Bukovina.

Four special coins were also issued in November to celebrate the same occasion. These include three collector coins in gold, silver and brass respectively, along with a brass commemorative circulation coin. The common reverse design on all coins depicts portraits of ?tefan Cicio-Pop, Gheorghe Pop de Basesti, Iuliu Maniu, Vasile Goldis and Iuliu Hossu. These eminent personalities had contributed greatly towards achieving the Great Union.

Image Courtesy: National Bank of Romania

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