Year of the Pig ‘Lucky Money’ Set by BEP

03 Dec 2018  Mon

BEP is going to release its Year of the Pig ‘Lucky Money’ Set on 18th December. This one’s going to be the sixth release in BEP’s Second Generation Lucky Money Lunar Calendar product series. The set will contain a $1 Federal Reserve note with serial number starting with “8888”, representing good luck. The note may belong to any of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts. “8” in words and “wealth” sound similar to each other in Chinese. The digit 8 is considered to be lucky according to Chinese traditions.

The note comes in a bright red folder which features images of pigs and piglets, along with Chinese characters embossed in gold. The product pricing has not been revealed as yet. The sale of BEP products is looked after by the US Mint. People have the option to order these products on phone or through the official online store of the US Mint.

All orders for BEP products are now handled by the U.S. Mint. People can order via telephone or through the official online store. They can also be purchased from BEP’s visitor centre gift shops in Washington, D.C. and Texas.

Image Courtesy: The BEP

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