Twenty Five Piastres of Sudan

01 Dec 2018  Sat

In 1991, the twenty-five piastres note was issued by the Bank of Sudan. It was printed in purple ink on multicolour underprint and dimension 120 x 60 mm. This banknote consists the signature of governor Ismail El-Misbah Mekki Hamad.

The obverse of this note depicts the legend is printed in Arabic script on top panel with the denomination on the right side. The image of the camel is seen on left with Sudan’s map within the intrinsic design printed in the centre. The serial number is depicted on the bottom left and top right corners. The signature is seen in the centre with denomination seen on both sides.

The reverse of this note illustrates the legend ‘Bank of Sudan’ is depicted on the top panel with the denomination on both sides. The image of the Sudan bank is seen in the centre with watermark window on left. The denomination in words is seen in the lower centre with the denomination in numerals on both sides.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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