First Stamps of Postverk Foroya

29 Nov 2018  Thu

The postage stamps and postal history of the Faroe Islands began in the 1860s. Soon after, the postal system went under the control of the Danish who issued a variety of stamps with the caption FOROYAR.

In November 1974, the government decided that the postal service in the Faroes should be taken over by the Faroese Home Rule. As a result, the Faroese government took over the postal service in the Faroes as of 1 April 1976 under the name Postverk Foroya.

The First stamps issued by Postverk Foroya were the commemorative series called “Establishment of postal service on the Faroe Islands”. A set of three stamps were issued on 1st April 1976 which feature different aspects of the bygone postal service.

The first stamp is the Dark red 125 Faroese oyra stamp that depicts a Faroe ship. Known as Skjuts, these small ships were introduced around the mid-1860s. They are appointed in every village with the duty to transport people, letters or parcels from one village to another.

The 160 Faroese oyra stamp depicts the National Flag of the Faroe Island on the background of scenic evening landscape of the country. The stamp is a beautiful piece of a collectible.

The Green stamp with 800 Faroese oyra denomination features Postman in the traditional dress along with a stick and bag of letters on the back.

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