Everyday Life in the Viking Age on Faroe Island Stamps

29 Nov 2018  Thu

The Faroe Islands, on 07 February 2005, issued a set of very unique stamps as a remembrance of the ancient past of the country. This set of three stamps is a glimpse of everyday life in the Viking Age.

On the farms around the Faroe Islands, the people of the Viking Age lived off what the land, both the infields and outlying pasture, could produce together with what could be caught at sea, landed from the coast and hunted in the mountains. Artist Martin Morack has managed to depict the exact picture of the contemporary life on the stamps.

All the three stamps have the same value of 7.50 Faroese krona and depict different aspects of the social life of the Vikings. The first stamp depicts the animal husbandry. Sheep and horses can be seen in the stamp along with two Vikings busy in the work of shearing.

The other stamp depicts the Viking settlement and homes and the cattle grazing. The stamp depicts a typical house of the Vikings along with the settlers doing their daily chores such as milking a cow or weaving or hunting etc. The third stamp depicts the most important part i.e. agriculture.

Artist Martin Morack, with his lively and fresh illustrations, has managed to depict the exact picture of the contemporary life of the Vikings on the stamps.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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