The journey of 10 Paisa Coin

29 Nov 2018  Thu

Today we will discuss 10 paisa coin issued by the Indian government. The 10 Paisa coin is 1/10th part of a Rupee, and it is also called "das paise" which means 10 Paise. These 10 Paisa coins were issued in Nickel-Copper, Nickel-Brass, Aluminium and Stainless steel.

From the year 1957 to 1963 these 10 paisa coins were issued in Copper Nickel which weighs around 5g and these were known as Naya-Paisa. Later, from the year 1964-1967 these were issued with the same metal and gram, but the denomination ‘Naya-Paisa’ was renamed with ‘Das Paisa’. From the year 1968 to 1971 these coins were issued in Nickel-Brass metal with the weight standard of 4.25g. After 1971, the Indian government started issuing these coins in Aluminium due to the increasing price of metals. From the year 1988 -1998 these coins were issued in Stainless-Steel, The diameter of this coin was 17mm and it weighs around 2.1g. These were the last series 10 paisa coin which came in circulation.

Image Courtesy: Numista

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