Ten Kyat of Myanmar

28 Nov 2018  Wed

In 1996, Central bank of Myanmar also known as Burma issued Ten kyat banknote. Its colour is deep purple and violet on multicoloured underprint.

The obverse of this no depicts the beast Chinze is seen in the centre right with a legend in Burmese script on centre. The denomination in English script is seen on the top right corner and in Burmese script on the bottom right. In top left corner denomination in Burmese script is seen and the serial number below it.

The reverse of this note illustrates the legend ‘Central Bank of Myanmar’ is printed on the top panel with a scene of the elaborate barge is seen in the centre. The denomination is seen in English script in the bottom central panel and also on top right and bottom left corner. On the right side, the denomination is printed in Burmese script.

Image Courtesy: Mintage world

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