40 Silver Celtic Coins Discovered by Archaeologists

26 Nov 2018  Mon

40 Ancient Celtic coins were discovered in Mosovce near Turcianske Teplice by Archaeologists. These silver tetradrachms weigh around 9 to 10 grams and are four times the size of drachms.

They were probably minted using silver from a Carpathian (Slovak) deposit. Experts believe that natural resources like gold, silver and iron were used greatly in the Slovak area. The Turiec region was one of the most important economic and cultural centres of Celts in Slovakia.

Researchers claim that Celts buried coins underground during the battles of 1st century AD. Similar coins were discovered in 2008 as well. Celtic coins are the oldest coins minted in the Slovak area. Many of these coins were stolen by raiders and the Archaeology department is taking measures to prevent these situations. They hope that professionals and amateur finders work hand-in-hand to preserve these historical findings.

Image Courtesy: Google images

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