Mahadji Rao’s silver half Rupee of Narwar mint

26 Nov 2018  Mon

Narwar town of Gwalior state was called by the name Nalapura until the 12th century. It was ruled by Kachwaha Rajput until the 10th century. Thereafter Kachwaha, Parihara, and Tomara Rajputs ruled this territory until it was captured by Mughals in the 16th century. From the 19th century onwards, it came under Maratha’s influence.

After the country achieved independence in the year 1947, Narwar state acceded to the newly formed Union of India. Mahadji Rao ruled the Narwar state from 1761 to 1794 AD. During the reign, he issued silver and copper coins in the denomination of Rupee, Paisa and in different fractions.

This silver Half Rupee of Mahadji Rao issued in the name of Shah Alam II from Narwar mint. The obverse of a coin showed the Persian legend ‘Sikka Zad Bar Haft Kishwara Saya Fazl Ilah Hami Deen Shah Alam Badshah’. The reverse depicts the mint name, Sanah, and Julus formula which read as ‘Sanah 29 Zarb Narwar Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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