Todywalla Auction Number 120

23 Nov 2018  Fri

Tomorrow on 24th November 2018 Todywalla is commencing an auction in Mumbai in Sunderbai Hall Churgate, this lot consist collection of gold, silver and copper coins from ancient to republic India. It also consists of paper currency, the highlight specimen of this lot is the 5000 rupee banknote issued in 1954 signed by H.V.Iengar from Bombay circle seen in the feature image. Todywalla auctions are offering this note for INR 16, 00,000.

Another coin from a lot that fetching around INR 10,00,000 is the gold Mohur of the Sikh Empire of around 10.78g. The second coin that is listed high is bid price is the gold coin of Rastrakuta king, Krishna II. The gold Kori of Princely State Junagadh is also bided for the estimated price of INR 5, 00,000.

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Image Courtney: Todywalla auction

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