Macau International Stamp Exhibition Highlights

22 Nov 2018  Thu

The 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition was conducted at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel from 21st to 24th September. The exhibition showcased numerous interesting postage stamps from Asian countries. World Banknotes from Australia, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Spain and more were also exhibited.

Macau is an autonomous territory situated in China which issues its own stamps. Many of these postage stamps were showcased at the event. Visitors also got a chance to get their pictures printed on stamps. Many booths offered special souvenirs, commemorative postmarks and giveaways as well. Many of the visitors were school kids who participated in various events. Like other exhibitions held in Asian countries, only a few traditional Stamp and Cover dealers were offering their items for sale.

Stamp/security paper printing firms like Cartor Security Printing of France and Southern Colour Print of New Zealand also had their booths. They displayed printing tools and equipment apart from postage stamps printed by them. A booth by a Japanese company named T & M Enterprise attracted a lot of collectors from different age groups and backgrounds. New-issue topical stamps depicting famous cartoon characters were a major highlight. Organizers claim that over 10,000 visitors attended the event in four days. Macao Post issued seven stamps, two souvenir sheets and four machine-vended postage stamps during the event.

The most awaited international exhibition in China will take place from 11th to 17th June 2019 in Wuhan City. This event is organised only once in 10 years.

Image Courtesy: Macao Post

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