First Commemorative Stamps of Rio Muni

22 Nov 2018  Thu

First commemorative stamps of Rio Muni were issued on 1st October 1961, more than a year later of the First stamp issue.

Rio Muni is the largest part of Equatorial Guinea and the part on the African mainland. Stamps for Río Muni were issued by Spain, which had control over the region from 1885 — 1968. The stamps were issued especially for Río Muni beginning in 1960. The commemorative stamps issued in this short time feature celebrations of various aspects of life in the area, including animals and traditional sculpture.

The First commemorative stamps of the country celebrate the silver jubilee and include a set of four stamps which are:
The lowest denominated stamp of 25 Spanish centime features the map of Rio Muni which is marked with the wild life of the country.
The 70 Spanish centime stamp features the Government Palace which is now turned into a lavish and luxurious international hotel.
Two stamps with the denominations of 50 Spanish centimes and 1 Spanish peseta depicts the portrait of General Franco (the military dictator of Spain) along with a very antique statuette of a native woman.

Issues from 1961 onwards added the inscription "ESPANA" meaning Spain denoting the supremacy of Spain over the colonies.

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