Philatelic Tribute to Isabella the Catholic Queen

21 Nov 2018  Wed

Spanish West Africa, on 23rd November 1949, issued a 5 Spanish peseta stamp in the honour of Queen Isabella II aka Isabella the Catholic Queen.

Isabella II was Queen of Spain who directly ruled from 1843 to 1868. Her period witnessed a great deal of political confusion. Overall this chaos she made an impressive contribution in the public works commerce and finance. For her valiant rule, she was known by many titles one of them is “Her Most Catholic Majesty the Queen of Spain”. After that, she was known as Isabella the Catholic Queen.

Queen Isabella II was honoured by the 5 Spanish peseta stamp of Spanish West Africa. The stamp features the portrait of the crowned queen holding a sceptre on the background of her palace. The stamp is inscribed with “AFRICA OCCIDENTAL ESPANOLA (Spanish West Africa)” and “CORREO AEREO DIA DEL SELLO (Airmail Stamp Day)” at the bottom.

Between 1949 and 1951, Spanish West Africa issued 17 postage stamps, eight airmail stamps, and one special delivery stamp which are attracting the attention of the collectors.

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