1557 Gold Medal Featuring Adam and Eve to be Auctioned

21 Nov 2018  Wed

Hess-Divo will be auctioning a 1557 gold medal featuring Adam and Eve in Extremely Fine condition on 6th December in Zurich for an opening bid of €12,500. These medals were produced in the Erzgebirge mountain regions of eastern Germany by Michael Hohenauer.

The obverse features Adam and Eve at the Tree of Knowledge with a quote and the reverse depicts Jesus Christ. His right hand is raised while his left-hand holds a cross flag. A sarcophagus can be seen in the background.

Margrave Albrecht II Alcibiades of Brandenburg-Kulmbach died on 8th January 1557, in Pforzheim. Researchers believe that the medal was issued to commemorate his death. The Erzgebirge mountain region has produced several medals with biblical themes and quotations. The 13.72 grams medal was auctioned in Munich in 1925 and it has a diameter of 31.46 millimetres.

Image Courtesy: Hess-Divo Auction

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