Iraqi Stamps Commemorate First Anniversary of the Revolution

20 Nov 2018  Tue

Issued on 14th July 1959 this set of two stamps commemorates the first anniversary of a Revolution in Iraq.

Know as the 14 July Revolution or the 1958 Iraqi coup d'état, the revolution overthrew the Hashemite monarchy which had been established by King Faisal I in 1921 under the auspices of the British. To celebrate the first anniversary of the new era and the new government Iraqi Post issued a set of two stamps.

The stamp with the denomination of 10 Iraqi fils depicts a worker in the centre with industry plants in the background. On the other hand the stamp with the value of 30 Iraqi fils features Victorious Revolution fighters such as a soldier, a worker and a woman holding a torch with a radiating star in the background.

The stamps were issued with a beautiful combination of yellow and blue and yellow and green. The stamps are inscribed with “Republic of Iraq” and “14th July 1958” in both Roman and Persian.

The revolution resulted in the death of the king and his prince and the minister as well as the foundation Republic of Iraq which lasted until 2003.

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