Fifty Thousand Won of South Korea

20 Nov 2018  Tue

The 50,000 Won of South Korea was issued in 2016 by the Bank of Korea, it’s a polymer banknote. It is classified as Series III and its dimensions are 46.3 x 30.9 cm.

This banknote is printed in brown and yellow on multicoloured underprint. The obverse of this note depicts s legend in Korean script is printed on top centre with the serial number on the top left and bottom right with two syllabuses in Korean below it. The portrait of Shin Saimdang-16th Century Korean artist and writer is seen on the left with a painting of Sin Saimdang – ‘The grapes’ and ‘Eggplant’ in the background. A vertical band of a hologram is printed on the left which shows the map of Korea and denomination on it. The denomination in English numeral is print on both top right and bottom left.

The reverse of this note illustrates the legend ‘Bank of Korea’ is printed in English script on top centre. It also features Painting by Eo Mong-ryong – Wolmae-Plum Blossoms on a Moonlit Night’ and Poongjukd-Bamboo on a Rainy Day by Lee Jeong in the centre with the denomination on the top left and bottom right.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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