Cherub Featured on the First Stamp of Kingdom of Iraq

19 Nov 2018  Mon

The first definitive series of the Kingdom of Iraq was issued on 1st May 1923. The series included a set of 12 stamps that depicts various aspects of history and culture of the country. One such stamp featuring Cherub is a remembrance of the glorious past of Iraq.

From the ancient times Iraq was home to several civilizations such as Sumeria, Babylonia, Arabian, Mongols, Ottoman and the British. It became an independent Kingdom of Iraq in 1932. However the Iraq had already issued independent stamps in May 1923.

One of the most significant stamps a stamp depicting winged Cherub. Cherub is a mythical creature guarded the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled. Such importance mythical creature which is an even more important part of the mythology and the architecture of the country is featured on 1½ Indian anna Stamp of the Kingdom of Iraq.

The stamp features a standing Cherub facing left along with an owl behind him in the centre. This beautiful red stamp also shows intricate carvings as similar to the temples of ancient times. Name of the country is at the bottom and the denomination at the top in both Roman and Persian script.

This stamp is a good collectible as the stamps of Iraq are becoming a strong in the market.

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