Czech Republic Banknote to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of a Coin

19 Nov 2018  Mon

Very rarely would you see numismatics and notaphily coming together so beautifully! As per a recent press release, Czech Republic is going to issue a new 100-korun commemorative banknote to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak koruna. The note’s designs would be similar to that of other notes issued in 2018. However, the texts CNB / 1919 / 100 LET / Kc / 2019 will be overprinted on the obverse. Ceska Narodni Banka will put 2,00,000 new notes into circulation on 31st January 2019. One person will be allowed to exchange a maximum of three commemorative banknotes for its face value, every day.

The Czech Republic part ways with Austro-Hungarian monetary system 100 years ago and the Czechoslovak crown was introduced the very next year. It is considered to be the second largest gold coin in the world. The CNB had organised a designing competition for kids for its CZK 100 banknotes. Prizes would be distributed to winners from all three age categories on 31st January 2019.

Image Courtesy: Banknotenews

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