First Souvenir Sheet of the Kingdom of Iraq

19 Nov 2018  Mon

The short-lived Hashemite monarchy of Iran issued its first Souvenir sheet during the last years of the existence to commemorate the last king of the Kingdom of Iraq – King Faisal II.

Faisal II – the only son of Iraq's second king, Ghazi became the king when he was three years old. Faisal attained his majority on 2 May 1953, commencing his active rule. Lack of experience and a changing Iraqi political and social climate deteriorated Faisal’s Political hold over Iraq by 1956.

The small reign of King Faisal II witnessed big changes many of which are commemorated on postage stamps. The first souvenir sheet of the Kingdom of Iraq was also issued during his period commemorating his coronation. The sheet was issued on the coronation day of the King which took place after the 17th Birth Day of the King.

The sheet features three stamps issued on the occasion of the coronation in the center flanked by two palm trees. The crown of Iraqi Monarchy is seen on the top also flanked by the flags of Iraq. The souvenir sheet I inscribed with “IRAQ POSTAGE” at the top and “CORONATION OF KING FAISAL II 2 MAY 1953” at the bottom, in Roman as well as Persian.

The youngest king of Iran was executed during the 14 July Revolution occurred in the year 1958 marks the end of the thirty-seven-year-old Hashemite monarchy in Iraq, which then became a republic.

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