Winners of Europa Stamp Design Contests

17 Nov 2018  Sat

The Association of European Public Postal Operators, PostEurop had organised two competitions. Turkish stamps were chosen as the most beautiful Europa stamps of 2018 in one of the competitions while stamps from Belgium were given the same award in the other competition. As many as 57 postal departments participated in the competitions and each country submitted one entry. The stamp designs feature bridges according to the 2018 Multi-nation Europa Stamp Series theme.

The 4-lira stamp from Turkey was issued on 9th May 2018. It depicts a stone bridge named Ed?rne Uzunkopru. It was built from 1426 to 1443 by an Ottoman architect named Muslihiddin. The bridge is over 4,500 feet long and is considered to be the longest stone bridge in the world today. Turkey’s Europa stamp depicting Kars Castle had won the same popularity contest in 2017 as well. Members of the public are asked to vote for their favourite stamps online in this contest.

The Belgium stamp which won the juried competition was se-tenant with a Europa stamp in a souvenir sheet and was issued on 6th June. Each stamp features half of the famous Pont des Trous bridge in Tournai. It’s one of Europe’s oldest bridges built in the 13th century. It served as the city’s walls and a watergate on the Scheldt River. Guillaume Broux engraved the stamps while Myriam Voz designed them.

Poland’s 5-zloty stamp, issued on 2nd May, won the second spot in the popularity poll. It features the Tczew Bridge that was built over Vistula River in the mid-19th century for Prussian Eastern Railway. The third place in the same category went to Georgia’s Europa stamp that was released on 31st May. It depicts the 12th century stone bridge in Sukhumi known as Besleti Bridge or Queen Tamar Bridge. 23,000 votes were evaluated in total from 9th May to 9th September.

The second position in the juried competition was won by both Hungary and Finland. The Hungarian stamp was issued on 2nd May in a souvenir sheet of four. Two stamps in the sheet depict Megyeri Bridge while the other two feature Koroshegy Valley Bridge. The 345-forint stamp featuring Megyeri Bridge won the second place. Finland ’s stamp was issued on 9th May and it features a wilderness bridge in Suomussalmi. A Croatian stamp depicting the Franjo Tudman Bridge in Dubrovnik won the third spot.

The jury consisted of well-known personalities and leaders in the field of philately and postal administrations. Winners for the juried competition were announced on 15th September at the Belgian Philatelic Grand Prix in Brussels. Popularity competition winners were announced during the plenary assembly of PostEurop on 3rd and 4th October in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Image Courtesy: PostEurop

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