Antique Porcelain Artefacts Featured on Latest Stamps from Chunghwa Post

16 Nov 2018  Fri

On 15th November, Chunghwa Post released special postage stamps depicting the old blue-and-white porcelain artefacts which are currently showcased at the National Palace Museum. The museum showcases ceramics made not only by imperial Chinese workshops but also from other cultures.

200 booklets of these postage stamps autographed by famed lyricist Vincent Fang were auctioned during the launch ceremony at the museum’s branch in Taibao City. Vincent had won the Golden Melody Best Lyricist award in 2008 for the song Blue and White Porcelain.

The NT$6 stamps feature an image of a charger plate with fish scrollwork. This artefact dates back to the times of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. The NT$15 features an ewer while the NT$16 stamps feature floral scrollwork and a jar with eight auspices. Both these artefacts were made during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The NT$28 stamps are exclusively designed for the souvenir sheets. They feature a globular vase with dragon scrollwork and belong to the times of Wanli. A First-day cover, folios and postcards were also issued.

Image Courtesy: Chunghwa Post

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