Guernsey Issues New £20 Banknotes to Commemorative First World War Centenary

16 Nov 2018  Fri

On 8th November, Guernsey started circulating 5,00,000 new commemorative £20 notes to observe the 100th anniversary of the end of First World War. It’s the fourth commemorative note to be released in the country after the 2000 Millennium £5 note; 2012 £20 Diamond Jubilee note for the Queen; and the 2013 De La Rue £1 note. It is also the first commemorative note with new obverse as well as reverse designs.

The design and security features are somewhat similar to the 1996 series circulating notes. The obverse features a commemorative text on the top. The serial number comes with a prefix “TGW” which stands for ‘The Great War’. There are several poppy motifs on the obverse as well as the reverse. The security hologram also features a poppy along with the denomination “20”. The gold seal is surrounded by a wreath of poppies. Multi-coloured poppies are featured on the reverse as well.

Image Courtesy: States of Guernsey

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