Cyprus Post Features National Musical Instruments

16 Nov 2018  Fri

In the year 2014, Cyprus issued a beautiful set of two stamps which are not the only feast for the eyes but also a treat to the ears.

The theme for 2014 series “Europe” was “Traditional Musical Instruments”, which was chosen by the European Public Postal Operations (PostEurop) and was common for all country-members of the Organisation. Cyprus had chosen the “pithkiavlin” (the Cyprus flute) and the “laouton” (the lute).

The “pithkiavlin” (Cyprus flute) is the most ancient Cypriot musical wind instrument. The evidence of the flute have been found in archaeological excavations since 2500 B.C. They are believed to be played during the celebrations and feasts in honour of Aphrodite and Apollo. N the other hand, the “laouton” (lute) is the principal musical string instrument of Cyprus. It is played along with the violin in Cypriot dance melodies.

Designed by Ioanna Kalli, the stamps come with two different denominations. The 0,34c stamp features “pithkiavlin” played by a man in ancient costumes whereas the 0,51c stamp features the "laouton" being played by a man in modern attire.

The stamps are adorned by intricate line drawings which enhance their beauty!

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