Global issue of migration depicted on Liechtenstein stamp

15 Nov 2018  Thu

Liechtenstein Post issued three special stamps printed on 16 stamps addressing the global issue of migration. It was designed by Peter Vetsch illustrating one face each from Arab, African and East Asian culture on the stamp title as Hope, Departure and New Beginning. The colour selected for the stamp represents the countries these people came from. The face appears in the shape of the country of Liechtenstein, thus highlighting the Now.

The history of migration has a large effect on Liechtenstein’s economic history. In the 19th century, emigration followed in the boom phase of the economy after the Second World War by the intense migration till continued till the present day.

In 2014, the statistics showed that foreigners living in Liechtenstein came to 33.7 per cent. Just under two-thirds of all the foreigners come from German-speaking countries, largely from the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria. At just under 10 per cent of the population, people from Italy and Turkey are the second largest group. The remaining 27.5 per cent are people from countries around the world.

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