Curacao Stamp Features a Hindi Word

15 Nov 2018  Thu

It is a proud moment for a nation to be featured by a foreign nation. Curacao Post International presents a series of stamps dedicated to PEACE and one of the stamps features Hindi.

PEACE is a small word of big importance in every person’s life and spiritual, emotional and physical welfare. On 28th July 2014, Curacao Post issued a series of six stamps dedicated to “peace”. The stamps present the word peace in different languages and with different illustrations.

Among them, the 177C stamp features the Word “Shanti” meaning Peace in the Hindi Language which is the commonly speaking language of India. The stamp also features word peace in three other languages such as FRIEDEN is in German, FRED is in Norwegian, the PACE is in Italian.

Designed by Annie Wilson, the stamp shows a beautiful rainbow coloured background which signifies God's promise. With these special stamps, Curacao not only represents the various nationalities living in Curaçao but also shows worldwide importance.

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