Painter Hovhannes Zardayan Honoured on New Armenian Postage Stamps

12 Nov 2018  Mon

The postal department of Armenia released two stamps on 6th November to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of artist Hovhannes Zardaryan. The stamp belongs to the series “Prominent Armenians”. The 170 and 230 AMD stamps were cancelled and circulated by HayPost CJSC in the National Gallery of Armenia.

The 170 AMD stamp features the painting “Spring” of Hovhannes Zardaryan while the 230 AMD stamp depicts an image of Hovhannes Zardaryan with his painting “Winter landscape” in the background.

“Lowe Martin Group” printing house in Canada printed the stamps with a print-run of 30,000 pieces each. The designer of HayPost CJSC, David Dovlatyan created the design.

Hovhannes Zardaryan was born in Kars and his family members were craftsmen. After the Armenian Genocide, Zardarians shifted to Armavir, then Krasnodar and finally in Tiflis, Georgia.

He attended painting classes at the Art School of Tiflis and went to Yerevan where joined the Applied Arts School in 1933. He graduated four years later at the studio of Sedrak Arakelian and Vahram Gaifejian. He continued studying at the Institute of Fine Arts and Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts of Leningrad. He became one of the most talented young painters in 1941. He was exempted from military service during the WW II and became a member of the Union of Artists of Armenia. He came back to Russia in 1944 with amazing artworks that were selected for the Exhibition of Armenian Art.

Zardaryan worked with various artists of the State and on prominent large paintings. He participated in international exhibitions in Prague, India and Biennale in Venice from 1956 to 1958. The painting “Spring” won the Big Silver Medal at the World’s Fair in Brussels.

Image courtesy: Armenia Post

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