Iceland Issues Tasty Gingerbread Stamps

12 Nov 2018  Mon

Iceland is all set to welcome the 2019 Christmas in a very distinct way. Iceland Post has released two Christmas festive stamps that feature gingerbread biscuits.

As the winter approaches the world is snuggled in warm clothes. The shops have started to sell Christmas decorations and are busy preparing Christmas food. Iceland is far many steps away from the rest of the world. Piparkokur (the baking of biscuits) is an essential pastime in many an Icelandic home before Christmas. The artfully decorated gingerbread comes in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes.

Designed by artist Elsa Nielsen both the stamps show illustrations of piparkokur. One stamp shows a biscuit shaped like a Christmas tree while the other stamp is shaped like a star. And for the pleasure of all, both stamps are scented with specially scented ink and emit a delicate fragrance of newly baked gingerbread biscuits!

The 2018 Christmas stamps from Iceland are a treat both to the eyes and the nose. Families get together to spend afternoons drinking hot spiced chocolate and baking biscuits or even making their own gingerbread houses!

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