Children Design Latest Maltese Coin Highlighting Cultural Heritage

10 Nov 2018  Sat

On 7th November, the Central Bank of Malta released the third commemorative €2 coin in its five-year coin program “From Children in Solidarity” series that’s designed by children. The first two releases were based on the themes “Solidarity through Love” and “Peace” respectively while the 2018 design was based on the theme “Cultural Heritage”.

Nicole Dimech from St. Nicholas College, Middle School, Rabat, designed the latest coin. It features a megalithic temple doorway, the sun, a church dome and spire, the sea and a Maltese boat with the national flag. Noel Galea Bason engraved the coin and Monnaie de Paris minted it.

The 8.5 grams coin has a diameter of 25.75 millimetres. The ringed-bimetallic coin has a copper-nickel core and its outer copper-aluminium-nickel ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag. The reverse features a map of the European Union. Out of the 320,000 pieces that were released, 300,000 coins can be bought in rolls of 25 coins for €70 each and the remaining 20,000 can be purchased as coin cards for €7 each.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Malta

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