Bolivia Releases New 50-boliviano Banknotes

06 Nov 2018  Tue

Bolivia is soon going to circulate a new 50-boliviano note as per an official announcement on 15th October. Out of the 6 denominations in the new series, 10- and 20-boliviano notes have already been issued this year. The new 50-boliviano note would be the third release while the next in line would be 100-, 200-, and 500-boliviano notes.

This is the first banknote series of Bolivia which uses the formal name Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, keeping in mind the country’s cultural diversity. Like notes from the earlier series, the new ones will also be made of cotton paper and the colour scheme would not be changed. The design concept for the violet coloured 50-boliviano note would remain the same.

The obverse features portraits of Jose Manuel Baca or “Canoto”; an indigenous Bolivian named Bruno Raca who fought for his people against the Brazilian forces in the Battle of Bahia; and Pablo Zarate or Willka who was a Bolivian military and political leader. The obverse also depicts the Incallajta Fortress at the centre. The Fortress was built by the Incas between 1463 and 1472 and is currently an archaeological monument. The reverse features images of an extinct volcano named Nevado Sajama, the endangered Andean flamingo and a quinua real plant.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Bolivia

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