Dholpur Princely State

06 Nov 2018  Tue

Dholpur or Dhaulpur was a Princely State situated in the easternmost state of Rajputana Province during the British Raj. It was found in the year 1806 CE by a Jat ruler. After 1818, the state was placed under the authority of British India’s Rajputana Agency. The state was ruled by the Ranas until the independence of India in 1947. It is now located in the present state of Rajasthan.

The dholpur mint was opened in 1804 by Ranas of Gohads and the coins struck there are known as ‘tamancha’ on account of the tamancha or pistol shown on them which was also the mark of the State. Silver coins and half-rupees only have been struck at this mint, which ceased its operations in 1857.

Bhagwant Singh was a Jat ruler of Dholpur State ruled from 1221 to 1252 AH. One of his silver Rupee was sold for INR 28,000 by Todywalla Auctions. The Persian legend ‘Sikka Mubarak Sahib-e-Qiran Sani Muhammad Akbar Shah Badshah Gazi’ depicted on the obverse face of the coin. The reverse of a coin inscribed with the mint name, RY, and Julus formula ‘Zarb Gohad Sanah 29 Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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