Silver Half-Rupee of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II of Awadh

06 Nov 2018  Tue

This Silver half-rupee which was issued by Nawab of Awadh ‘Saadat Ali Khan II’ during the Hijri year 1212 during the 41st year of his reign is listed for INR 19000 in the upcoming auction of Imperial Auction house which will be held on 11th October 2018.

Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II was the second son of Nawab ‘Sauja-ud-Daula. He sat on the throne of Awadh in the year 1798 CE, after succeeding his half-nephew Mirza Wazir Ali Khan.

Saadat Ali Khan II had constructed much building; most of the building between the Kaiserbagh and Dilkusha were constructed by him. He also had a palace called as Dilkusha Kothi which was designed and built by Sir Gore Ouseley in 1805.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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