First Stamps of Central Lithuania

05 Nov 2018  Mon

First Stamps of Central Lithuania The first stamps of Central Lithuania were issued on November 23, 1920, and consisted of surcharged stamps of Lithuania.

Central Lithuania (Srodkowa Litwa in Polish), was a short-lived republic in the Baltic region, which was never recognized by the wider international community. After the fall of the Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth, where Lithuania was a Grand Duchy (1569–1795), the area became a part of the Russian Empire until its fall in 1918.

The first stamps were surcharged in Markka, which was the currency of Poland, a central eagle design, and the words “Srodkowa Litwa” and “POCZTA”, which is Polish for Central Lithuania and postage.

Three stamps were issued with the denominations of 25 Polish Fenig, 1 Polish Marka and 2 Polish Marka.

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