Greenland's WWII Commemoratives

03 Nov 2018  Sat

Greenland has begun a series to unveil the part of history that left a great impression on the world name as “Greenland during the World War – as seen by the Greenlanders”. These stamps are hand-drawn.

This part of the series includes two stamps denominated 5euros and 20.50 Euros. The 5 Euro stamp depicts an aerial photo of one of the Greenlandic airfields. During the war, in Greenland, two airfields were built for over-transiting allied aircrafts. The stamp depicts the airfields in the background and the squadron of bombers in the foreground.

The second stamp depicts two Greenlandic couple dancing to the music from an American record player. The background consists the pages of American mail-order catalogs showing a glimpse in the wonders of Western Consumer culture. This stamp has a happy and lively feel to it.

The two stamps show the horrors of the war, but, on the other hand, it also shows the human spirit which refuses to stop living.

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