Red Postboxes on Christmas Stamps from Royal Mail

02 Nov 2018  Fri

Royal Mail released a set of six Christmas stamps depicting festive images of traditional red postboxes. These include the 19th century hexagonal ‘Penfold’ design, smaller boxes on a post or wall, and the newer postboxes with double slots. A cypher from the six monarchs of the last 100 years is featured on each stamp. The stamps were illustrated by Andrew Davidson from Gloucestershire.

Last year’s Christmas stamps from Royal Mail were designed by two children. A competition was organised to finalise the stamp designs where children were asked to create a stamp design based on the question “What does the Christmas season mean to you?”

Out of the 2,00,000 entries, 10-year-old Ted’s design depicting Father Christmas and his sleigh was chosen for the first-class stamp. The second class stamp depicting a “snow family” was designed by nine-year-old Arwen.

Image Courtesy: Royal Mail

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