Star on Akbar’s Nisfi

02 Nov 2018  Fri

Akbar was the Mughal Emperor of India. He sat on the Mughal throne in the year 1556 CE and ruled it till 1605 CE. He ruled the Mughal Empire for almost 50 years; during his reign, Mughal Empire was at its highest peak.

During these 50 years of reign, he has issued a large variety of coins; Coins issued by Akbar provide a powerful reflection of his personality. Out of all the Mughal Emperors, coinage of Akbar is the most beautiful and varied.

Coinage of Akbar can be divided into two categories ‘Kalima’ and ‘Ilahi’ (Non-Kalima).

Coins which were issued with the ‘Kalima’ had the name of the emperor along with the name of mint (with or without an Epithet) and Hijri date on the obverse; and ‘Kalima’ with the name of four caliphs on the reverse.

Ilahi coins issued by him have ilahi creed ‘Allahu Akbar Jalle Jallaluhu’ on the obverse and Persian month followed by word ilahi; with Ilahi year and mint name.

This mintless copper ‘Nisfi’ issued by him weighs around 10.2g and its size is around 18.28mm. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with the word ‘Nisfi’ (Written in Persian) within dotted border and the reverse of the coin depicts the radiant star in the dotted circle.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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